Adopt a Monkey

While supporting the care and release of orphaned monkeys back to the wild, you will receive a number of updates and items for your contribution.

Support the Operational Costs

The Conservation incurs a lot of operational costs and your support is required to keep us running. Your support will go a long way.

Education Outreach

Through education workshops Colobus Conservation promotes awareness of conservation and primate issues in the local community and to schools and students of all ages.

Colobridge Maintainance

Primate road traffic accidents are a common occurrence in Diani. Colobus Conservation have constructed aerial monkey bridges at strategic points across the road, and has thereby succeeded in bringing the number of monkey road casualties down significantly.

For $35, you can sponsor a bridge for one year, covering all maintenance expenses.

Plant a Tree

Diani forests are rapidly depleting due to continued development. Annually, during the long rains, Colobus Conservation strategically plant trees to stem this decline.

$10 will allow us to nurture and plant one sapling that will grow, thrive and reproduce into the future of our forests! These trees will enable the monkeys of Diani to keep living within the urban environment - the second largest population of colobus in Kenya.

Insulate Power Line

Help insulate power lines to prevent primate mortality due to electrocutions.

For $3 you can insulate 1 kilometre of power line.