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Medical Considerations


Though the risks of contracting a serious disease is low in the Diani area, you should seek medical advice for relevant vaccinations while planning your trip. 

Before traveling to Kenya, you may need to get a number of vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for. Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history and planned activities.  If you have a medical condition, you should also share your travel plans with any doctors you are currently using. 

Information on volunteering to give to your health care professional should include that Diani is a tourist destination and currently, our work does not involve travel in rural areas.  It is a hot and humid climate in a malarial area.  Please note, proof of yellow fever vaccination may be needed to enter the country. Please check with your local Kenyan embassy for yellow fever requirements.  Rabies vaccinations are not needed but in case of an animal bite, the local hospital will be able to give these as needed.

To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you see a health-care provider who specializes in Travel Medicine.  

Be sure your routine vaccinations are also up-to-date.


Diani has a very high endemic rate of HIV/AIDS.  Volunteers need to be aware that any unprotected sexually intercourse has a very high risk for contraction of this potentially lethal disease.  We strongly urge volunteers to avoid these types of relationships during their stay in Kenya.


The coast is a malaria area, please come with insect repellent and anti-malarial drugs (see your health care professional for advice).

First Aid Kits

Diani Beach HospitalColobus Conservation has a first aid kit however you should bring certain items that you may require of a personal nature bearing in mind that you will be working in hot and humid field conditions. There is a 24-hour pharmacy at the local hospitals. Most topical treatments are available locally.

Medical Facilities

Two small, but modern hospitals are located approximately ten kilometres away from our offices in Diani.  There services include x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, ICU, surgical theatres, dentistry and ambulance service. [Diani Beach Hospital] [Palm Beach Hospital]


All volunteers must have medical / travel insurance. We will require the insurance information upon your arrival.