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Accommodation & Facilities

Project Location

Volunteers will stay at the Colobus Cottage which are the offices of Colobus Conservation, located in Diani Beach, Kenya, 33km south of Mombasa, right on one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya. The area is developed for the tourism industry with hotels, restaurants, bars, grocery shops, chemists, fruit & vegetable stalls, two hospitals, dentist, post office, banks etc. all within a 5 minute drive away. Most everything can be bought here, however being a tourist area; prices are slightly higher than in say, Mombasa. There is usually someone from the office going to Mombasa once a week or so, and certainly every 2-3 weeks, and so things that are not available in Diani, can be bought from there. For maps and location information, see the Location Map. Internet access is available at several locations in Diani, and 3G Mobile internet can be bought inexpensively too.

Accommodation at Colobus Conservation - stay with us!

The Colobus Cottage is clean but simple. You will be sharing one room and bathroom with up to four other volunteers and will be expected to 'fend for yourself', so independent, easy-going, sociable and tidy people will get along the best. Facilities include: electricity (though not always reliable especially during the rains), gas stove, showers (cold and brackish), overhead fans, laundry service, cleaner/house man, drinking water delivery. The house is in a secure area and has a security service as well as a night-time guard who patrols the house grounds. There is a cook who prepares lunch and dinner of good quality simply African fare for the volunteers. The meals are generally vegetarian with an occasional fish and meat dish. There are hotels close by within walking distance on the beach. There volunteers can relax, having a drink, a pizza and a swim in their pool or play table tennis or billiards.

Accommodation in Diani - For those wishing their own space!

Live-out eco-volunteers and researchers are responsible for finding their own accommodation, (places you can try are listed below), airport transfers, making their way to and from work on appropriate days, laundry, breakfast, evening meals, and on non-working days, lunch.  There are a number of websites that advertise a variety of accommodation style from budget to luxury. Before booking your accommodation we highly recommend that you double check that the accommodation is within easy reach of Colobus Conservation.  We are more than happy to answer this question if you send us the details.

Recommended websites