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Research Topics - Master & Doctoral Degrees

The infrastructure and support from Colobus Conservation is an ideal location to launch your degree-based field work.  

  • Easily accessible, well-habituated groups of colobus, Sykes, vervets and baboons;
  • Colobus Conservation field team to assist you to find appropriate research groups;
  • Site accessible by air from Nairobi or by road from Mombasa;
  • Shopping facilities and hospital near by;
  • Good internet connection and telephone signal.

Options are open to students to choose: 1) a project of their own; 2) a field-based project suggested by Colobus Conservation; or 3) a project analyzing data collected by Colobus Conservation. 

Suggested projects are variable in terms of amount of field work necessary and the level of statistical and GIS analysis required.

 Download Research Topics

Colobus Conservation is based in Diani, Kenya. Diani is an Indian Ocean beach tourism destination. This suburban town is only 7km2 but is home to approximately 1,400 individuals of four monkey species. There are also two species of galagos. 

Research in Diani is unique in that the focus is on the conservation of medium-sized primates in the anthropogenic environment. Within primatology, this is a growing field of study as wild areas are increasingly being impacted by human development.  Understanding patterns of primate ecology and behaviour as a consequence of specific human-primate conflict situations is important for developing mitigations and conservation approaches in Diani as well as for other wildlife conservationists globally.

 Just a few research suggestions:P1040360

- Weaning of colobus infants

- How monkeys use aerial bridges to cross the road

- Risk factors for primate electrocution on power cables

- Effect of de-snaring activities on the snaring of primates

- Primate population changes over time 

- Adult male colobus relationships in an infanticidal species

Download the Research Topics list for many more project options.