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Primate Field Studies

Colobus Conservation is a Primate Field Site for students carrying out research for their...

Master or Doctoral degree.

Colobus Conservation is located in Diani, Kenya, on the South East coast of Kenya. Diani is an ideal location for research due to its high density of habituated primates, amazing white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean, and its accessibility by air and by road.
The office of Colobus Conservation including the student/volunteer housing is at the southern end of Diani on a forested property with wild primates as well as caged primates that are undergoing rehabilitation and release back to the wild. Diani's primates are well habituated and students can study feeding or social behaviours within a few meters of their subjects for all species – colobus, Sykes, vervets, baboons. Because of this, little time is required to start collecting data, especially important if your time is limited. 
The white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, gives Diani a Trip Advisor rating of one of the top 25 beaches in the world and it is only a few meters away from the Colobus Conservation property.  Diani also has all the facilities expected of an international beach destination including hospitals, golf course, beach bars etc. Access to Diani is a flight from Nairobi directly into Ukunda, only a 10 minute drive from Colobus Conservation.
Diani is known for its high primate biodiversity. With four monkey species, there are approximately 1,400 individuals (counted annually!) in the 7 sq km town. Two species of galagos have been recoreded as well.  Diani's vegetation includes patches and remnants of the East African coastal forest ecosystem, one of the top global biodiversity hotspots. Colobus Conservation works in partnership with local communities to address the human – primate conflicts in the area and to preserve the nationally threatened colobus monkey including the conservation of the unique coastal forest habitat on which they depend.
Colobus Conservation programs focus on mitigation strategies for:
  • Habitat degradation;
  • Injuries and deaths due to vehicles;
  • Injuries and deaths due to electrocutions on power lines;
  • Primates kept as pets;
  • Primate Pest Management including crop raiding;
  • Snaring of primates.
We have outlined a variety of primate projects related to these programs and that have a direct conservation benefit. Please click onto the link to view these.

As a student, you can collect your own data or analyse the data already collected by Colobus Conservation. Alternatively, you can research your own topic.
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