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Cruise for Colobus

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You can help primates receive 24/7 emergency veterinary care! 

Tumbo was abandoned when she was 6 months old. Barely clinging to life when she arrived, Tumbo needed x-rays, a new enclosure and life-saving veterinary care. Thankfully Tumbo survived, but sadly she is one of only 4000 remaining Angolan colobus monkeys in Kenya.  Tumbo is now fully recovered and is leading a small group of colobus orphans into the first ever Angolan colobus release in the world.  Every colobus monkey counts with hunting and deforestation rapidly pushing this subspecies toward extinction.


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Do you want to help colobus monkeys like Tumbo? By sponsoring Cruise for Colobus, you will enable Colobus Conservation to continue operating its 24/7 primate rescue and response service.  You will help rescue monkeys injured in road traffic accidents, caught in snares, kept illegally as pets, electrocuted on overhead power cables, attacked by dogs, or poisoned. Thanks to supporters like you, in 2016, our resident vet assisted 177 injured monkeys and provided treatment in our on-site veterinary clinic.



To help give injured monkeys like Tumbo a second chance, Wambui Ngunya is going to Cruise for Colobus the 500km from Diani to Nairobi on a motorbike on Saturday 29th April 2017. Wambui is a keen motorcyclist, a passionate animal lover and is determined to help rehabilitate Tumbo and other primates injured by human activity.

By sponsoring Cruise for Colobus today YOU can help give injured monkeys like Tumbo a better chance of survival and a second chance at living a natural wild life. Sponsoring Cruise for Colobus will help fund the 24/7 rescue service, and the rehabilitation and release program for Tumbo and other primates that were injured by cars, power lines, snares and dogs.

Click this link to sponsor Cruise for Colobus https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/cruise-for-colobus--3

Sponsoring Cruise for Colobus will help save monkeys for future generations!