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Cruise for Colobus



One of our Directors, Wambui Ngunya, is going to Cruise for Colobus the 500km from Nairobi to Diani on a motorbike on Saturday 29th April 2017. Wambui is a keen motorcyclist, a passionate animal lover and is determined to work with the community to save our forests, wildlife and habitat, through education and awareness campaigns for a better future.

You can make a difference, bikers can join in the ride against a minimum donation of KES 5,000 (Kenya Shillings Five Thousand) towards the Colobus Conservation and non-bikers can support our work through our donation platform https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/cruise-for-colobus--3. Please share with your family and friends, invite them all to support the cause and make a donation, the minimum is fixed at KES 5,000 for Bikers but the more you raise the better for conservation!

Bikers, we will depart from Nairobi K1 (Klubhouse, Ojijo Road, Parklands, Nairobi at 6AM prompt on Saturday 29th April 2017. The K1 has offered us a secure parking for those needing to leave their bike there the night before. On the morning of the ride K1 have offered riders tea/coffee and some snacks.

On arriving in Diani, riders willproceed to Colobus Conservation, along the Diani Beach Road to officially end the ride and see briefly what they are raising money for. Immediately after, riders will proceed to Diani House (3-4 Km from Colobus Conservation), where bikes can be safely parked, for a beach BBQ and Saturday night party. (Riders will have time to freshen up).

Bikers will be offered a “Well done drink!!” from one of our sponsors; the BBQ dinner is inclusive for all those who have made a donation of KES 5,000 minimum.

Then you have the loooong weekend to enjoy the famous Diani beach!

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