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Adopt a Monkey

Adopt a monkey     Click here to adopt a monkey.... Who will you choose?

 Betsy 2014 Adoption JPEG 

Val 2014 Adoption JPEG

Betsy, the world’s first hand reared Angolan black and
white colobus monkey!



Val, orphaned after a car accident as an infant, she is now a
sparky ball of energy and full of love.

  Legend is a cutie who loves to get everyone's attention! Ikea 2014 Adoption JPEG

Legend 2014 Adoption JPEG





Ikea, once kept chained up, isolated and lacking basic climbing skills
now he’s a gentle giant and a real success!

 For US$ 45 you will receive a One Year Adoption Package, including...

 Personalised adoption certificate

 A4 photograph of your adoptive monkey

 A profile of your monkey

 Factsheets on your chosen species

 A timeline of your monkeys life so far

 Twice yearly updates

 Free entry voucher to Colobus Conservation


Where Will Your Money Will Go?

 Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds

 Enclosure maintenance

 Veterinary care and medicines

Training to be wild