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Road Injuries & Mortalities

Painting Speed Bumps

In 1971, Diani's Beach Road was built which bisected pristine coral rag forest.  As development increased, vehicle traffic also increased and monkeys crossing the road become at risk for road injuries and mortalities.  We have found that during the dry seasons, the numbers of individuals being hit by vehicles increases.  We found that colobus and Sykes get hit on the road more often in the dry season as this is the time of reduced food availability and the monkeys need to increase their foraging areas and subsequently cross the road more often in search for food, water and sleeping sites. Vervets get hit more often during the high tourist season.

Annual, we average 55 monkeys hit by vehicles while crossing this nine kilometer stretch of road. Thank You Sign

Colobus Conservation works to reduce these statistics by painting speed bumps, building aerial ladders across the road and providing a general 'go slow'  campaign.

For information on our aerial ladders please see [Colobridges] and [How to Build a Colobridge].