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Colobus Data Repository

Colobus in Tree

Colobus Conservation is maintaining a repository of information related specifically to Colobus angolensis palliatus

You will find links to reports and publications on Colobus angolensis palliatus on this site [Reports & Publications].

The Repository provides information on the presence and absence of colobus in Kenya and Tanzania.  Please click here [Colobus angolensis palliatus Data Repository]. This data is for use freely, citing the appropriate reports and articles.

We wish that anyone involved in documenting this subspecies provide copies of reports and publications to maintain this up-to-date repository of information on the colobus and the forests relevant to this subspecies' area of occupancy.

The Colobus Data Repository also provides and seeks information pertaining to the forests themselves including the following data categories:

  • Forest Block
  • Region
  • Forest Name
  • Management Status
  • Longitude/Latitude
  • Area (ha)
  • Year of Survey
  • Presence/Absence (of colobus)*
  • Likelihood of Presence
  • Current Threats
  • Conservation & Other Notes**
  • References

* Provide information where available on the number of individuals, groups or otherwise probably abundance.

** Provide information on the past and/or present conservation activities in the area.

We welcome any additions, edits, comments to this repository. [Contact Us]