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Keep monkeys safe

Keep Monkeys Safe

Click the Keep Monkeys Safe button above to take you to our 3G Direct Pay page.  On that page, click Donate Now and add your donation amount in UK sterling.  In the comments section on the page, please indicate whether you would like to insulate a power line or sponsor a colobridge.

Insulate a Power LineInsulation

Exposed electrical power lines in Diani, cause all too many primates to be lost to electrocution. Colobus Conservation works with the Kenya power and lighting company to insulate the power lines, allowing the monkeys to use the power lines to move between the trees without being at risk.

A donation of UK£2 (US$3) will insulate one meter of power line

 What You Will Receive ...

       ☆ Personalised certificate

     ☆ Twice yearly newsletters


 Colobridge 1Sponsor a Colobridge

Primate road traffic accidents are a common occurrence in Diani. Colobus Conservation have connstructed aerial monkey bridges at strategic points across the road, and has thereby succeeded in bringing the number of monkey road casualties down significantly.

 For UK£70 (US$120), you can sponsor a bridge for one year, covering all maintenance expenses.

For UK£295 (US$460), you will cover the cost of installing a new bridge and the maintenance expenses for two years.

 What You Will Receive ... 

 Personalised sponsorship certificate

 A photo of your bridge

 The ability to name your name

 A factsheet on Diani monkeys

 Twice yearly newsletters