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Forest Conservation

In 2001, a colobus census was carried out throughout the forests and forest patches of south eastern Kenya.  The ten largest populations of colobus were:

Rank Forest Name Protection Status Forest Area (ha.) No. colobus groups No. colobus individuals
1. Shimba Hills National Reserve 15,890 458 2,43
2. Diani Private 455 50 332
3. Shimoni (west)   Private 1,222 20 123
4. Marenji Forest Reserve 1,417 21 110
5. Mrima Forest Reserve 382 13 81
6. Buda Forest Reserve 677 8 52
7. Muhaka Kaya Community Forest  140 7 35
8. Gonja Forest Reserve 422 7 33
9. Gongoni Forest Reserve 657 7 31
10. Dzombo Forest Reserve 504 4 23











Anderson, 2001. Habitat fragmentation and metapopulation dynamics of the Angola black-and-white colobus (Colobus angolensis palliatus) in coastal, Kenya.  Phd thesis, University College London.

In 2010, a repeat survey in the community forests was conducted to compare these figures to those more updated.  The results show that regardless of management status of a forest Colobus Jumpingpatch, there was no difference of colobus density, disturbance rates, forest area and forest perimeter.  Unfortunately, colobus were found to be decreasing in numbers in the gazetted forests and the ungazetted forests are decreasing in size suggesting that colobus are currently overcrowded in the ungazetted forests and a decrease in the numbers should occur to a more equilibrium state in the near future. 

We are now working towards identifying community groups to establish links to promote conservation of the forest patches important to the preservation of the subspecies of colobus in the area. 

Colobus Conservation has set up a repository of works related to Colobus angolensis palliatus.  This repository pulls together reports, publication and census data for this subspecies.  We urge people and organisations to contribute to this repository so that the updated information can be used for future research and conservation of the forests and monkeys.  Please see [Colobus angolensis palliatus Repository].