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The forest of Diani is a remnant patch of the Northern Zanzibar-Inhambane floristic region, once a continuous mosaic of forest, thicket, woodland, bushland and grassland of the coastal area of Kenya and Tanzania.   The forest lies within the Eastern Arc Mountains & Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya Global Biodiversity Hotspot.  Even today, rare and endemic tree species can be found on the private properties of Diani. 

As an international tourist destination, all the amenities are present with shopping centers, schools and hospitals.  With everything to offer, people of all economic brackets are settling in and around the Diani area.   With this, development continues unabated.  The northern part of Diani is far more deforested than the southern part at present but we believe that this won't last long.

To address issues of development, Colobus Conservation has been involved in the 2012 development plan with the county council to try to preserve some green spaces and corridors in Diani and to limit the size of the development of properties encouraging plot owners to retain trees on their land.

Furthering our impact, we are working with local road-side sellers of trees, providing them with tree brochures on relevant aspects of indigenous trees to assist them in selling indigenous plants rather than exotic species.

In addition, Colobus Conservation has set up the Colobus Corridor project endeavoring to link and conserve canopy coverage throughout Diani by working directly with hoteliers and property owners to encourage the planting of indigenous trees and bushes.  We work to identify appropriate species and assist in planting of these species.

We have developed the Indigenous Tree Catalogue which helps people select appropriate trees for their property.  In the long rains of 2013, we have been working with three hotels in Diani to plant indigenous.