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Team Colobus

Diani Rules

Colobus Conservation is overseen by a Board of Directors including members of the local, business and scientific community - John BuckleyTeam on the Beach, chairman (Safarilink Aviation), Luciana Parazzi (Local Liaison), Malcolm Hunt (Financial), Sean White (Forests), and former Conservation Manager and Primatologist, Pamela Cunneyworth.

In addition to the international volunteers at Colobus Conservation, strategic operations and day-to-day management and its activities fall to the managers and staff.  Meet our staff members below.


 Andrea Donaldson - Conservation ManagerAndrea Donaldson
Andrea has a long history with Colobus Conservation that began in 2003 when she volunteered for six months. Since then she has gone on to gain experience with a variety of primates in both wild and captive locations. Alongside her position at Colobus Conservation, Andrea is collecting data for her doctoral thesis on the rehabilitation and release of rescued primates in collaboration with Durham University.




Catherine Wangombe

Catherine Wangombe - Administration Assistant
Catherine is the face of the office and takes care of all the daily financial issues. She will most likely greet you on your arrival at Colobus Conservation and direct you to the correct person for your needs.



Peter Ndungu - Logistics OfficerPeter Ndungu
As one of the longest serving staff members, Peter is our colobridge expert, ensuring that our many bridges remain in good repair, providing safe passage to the Diani primate population.


Issa JumaIssa Juma - Housekeeper
The heart of Colobus Cottage, Issa makes sure everything is in top shape each day. Not sure how we would get along with out him.



Juma Baushi - Field AssistantJuma Baushi
Juma is responsible for keeping the grounds and gardens at Colobus Conservation clean, tidy and well maintained. He also leads the weekly de-snaring team.


Ester MsaghaEster Msagha - Marketing and Eco-tour Guide
Ester is responsible for ensuring Colobus Conservation is well advertised within the hotels of Diani and leading English and French speaking tours around our nature trail.



Mary Mandela - Marketing and Eco-tour GuideMary Mandela
Mary is responsible for ensuring Colobus Conservation is well advertised within the hotels of Diani and leading English and German speaking tours around our nature trail.


John Ndege

John Ndege - Forester
John is the newest member of the team and is responsible for implementing our forest related projects. As a former teacher, John also adds knowledge and expertise to our weekly school Education Program.



Anthony (Tony) Gachuna - Animal Care OfficerTony Gachuna
Working closely with the veterinarian, Tony takes care of all our primate residents, ensuring they have clean enclosures, plenty of food and good enrichment on a daily basis. 



Mwitu Khalfani - Education Officer
Mwitu is responsible for the smooth running of our Education Program and keeping 30 excited children from a Kwale District school enthusiastic about wildlife and forests.



Omari Mwachirenje - ChefOmari Mwachirenje
Our resident culinary genius, Omari keeps volunteers happy and (very) full.