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Mini Golf and Speed Pool for Colobus Conservation

Saturday 13th September saw fun on the beach in aid of Colobus Conservation, hosted by Forty Thieves Beach Bar. The day began early, with glorious sunshine and numerous sand castle builders frantically constructing a mini crazy golf course on the beach. Nine holes were constructed and all were sponsored by local business. Read more

Enjoy the World Cup and support Colobus Conservation. Win - Win!

Join our World Cup score predictor game and help raise vital funds for Colobus Conservation while enjoying the football for a whole month.

Via the SuperBru website, Colobus Conservation has established a world cup predictor pool. We are requesting a minimum donation of 1,500KSh/10GBP/13Euro/$17 to enter the pool. From the money raised 50% will be donated to Colobus Conservation, 30% will be awarded to the overall winner and 20% to the runner up. For more generous participants there is no upper limit to the donation and anything above the requested amount will go directly to Colobus Conservation and not into the prize fund. Click here to find out how

Colobus Conservation join Ivory Belongs to Elephant Campaign

Colobus Conservation staff and volunteers recently had the fabulous opportunity to walk alongside Jim Nyamu, executive director of the Elephant Neighbours Center in Nairobi, Kenya to raise awareness of the need to conserve elephants and their habitats. Volunteer researcher, Luke Berman, gives his account of the day. Read more

Forest & Primate Programs

The key aim of Colobus Conservation is to identify and undertake projects that will give a direct impact to primate and/or forest conservation in south eastern Kenya. Specifically, the core programs are focused on five main areas of human/primate conflict while cross-cutting these core programs is Colobus Conservation's [animal welfare] and [education programs].


Our main program areas are:

Habitat Loss

Primate Pest Management

Road Injuries & Mortalities

Primate Electrocutions

Snaring of Primates & Primates as Pets (Rehabilitation & Release)


Betsy01 scaled

Betsy - The hand reared Colobus Monkey

Betsy was found abandoned when she was only two weeks old - this was in January 2011. Neither zoos nor Colobus Conservation had success in raising infant colobus of this subspecies previously however, new methods were employed which brought startling results. Betsy is now a year and a half old and visits the wild colobus group daily in preparation for her final release.

Mrima Hill

Mining at Mrima Hill

Mrima Hill forest holds Kenya's fifth largest population of south coast's subspecies of colobus monkeys. It is also gazetted as a forest reserve & National Monument. Regardless, this hill is targeted for opencast mining which will require the stripping of the surface of the hill - or in other words, 100% biological destruction.
Colobus in Tree

Colobus angolensis palliatus repository of information

Colobus Conservation has pulled together available information on this colobus subspecies. We urge people to use this repository freely. We also urge people to Contact Us with additions, corrections and comments, keeping our records up-to-date. [IUCN Red List][Reports & Publication]

Morning Cleaning of Cages

We have been offering volunteer positions for more than 15 years at our location along the world class beach in Diani, Kenya, and are now well regarded in volunteering circles around the world!


- Gain valuable experience in your area of interest;

- Take a career break or try your career skills in a new setting;

- Do your thesis field work with us.


When you come and volunteer with us, you will be carrying out primate and forest conservation activities which make a real difference!


While we are looking for foresters and primatologists, we also need people from all walks of life, so we are always looking for skills from a diverse background including experience in photography, journalism, teaching, medical/veterinary background , GIS, as well as artists, builders and filmmakers - though this list is far from complete!!


If you are a student looking for field work opportunities for a undergraduate, master's or doctoral thesis, we have a support infrastructure and unique location that allows students a great opportunity to find unique and ecologically important topics to study. Get in touch to talk to us about your needs. Click here.


We are located along one of the best beaches in the world, with hotel nightlife, restaurants and modern hospital facilities. Combine conservation with a beach holiday!


We currently have one opening for a qualified teacher to revitalise our education program, develop our education center games and tourist information boards.  Special rates will be applied for this volunteer.  Contact Us


We have an on-site veterinary clinic and are looking for a qualified veterinarian or vet assistant to assist our local veterinarian in carrying out our policies and procedures.  Special rates will be applied for this volunteer. Contact Us

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